JCF IDE pluggin usage

The JCF IDE pluggin is in the JcfIDE.bpl library.

It places menu items under Tools|Jedi code format.

The menu items work as follows:

Current source file

This will format the current delphi source file :). Formatting is done via the IDE - the file on disk is not changed, and Delphi's undo with CTRL-Z or the Edit|Undo menu item will undo the format in the IDE, as with any other edits that you do. 

Note that you will have to undo twice. After the first undo, the entire contents of your file will seem to have vanished - don't panic, just press CTRl-Z again. This is due to the limitations of the IDE Pluggin API - the pluggin cannot replace the contents of the IDE window in a single atomic step, and it must first remove the existing contents, then put in the new text. If you know a way around this, then please let me know. 

Warnings and messages are sent to the IDE's message window.

All files in project

This will format all files in the currently open project. :) The format proceeds reading and writing the files on disk. The open files in the IDE are not changed, but Delphi will prompt for any open files that the file on the disk has changed.

All open files

Does the work of "Current source file" on all open IDE windows that are .pas or .dpr files.


Setting work as detailed in the help file.

Jedi Code Format